Business Opportunities for U.S. Investors in Cuba

Updated on Wednesday 06th July 2016

Business Opportunities for U.S. Investors in Cuba Image
Recently, the American president Barack Obama initiated the first steps to ending the trade embargo in Cuba which was imposed in 1962, after meeting with Cuban president Raul Castro. The ending of the trade embargo has to be approved by the congress. In the present, with the newly reconnected diplomatic relations between the two countries, there are increasingly attractive business opportunities for U.S. investors in Cuba.

There are five industries which present great business opportunities for U.S. investors in Cuba


President Obama announced in recent times that American citizens will be able to utilize credit and debit cards while in Cuba. It is a great enhancement for the tourism industry, with so many Americans being interested and curious to visit the country because of the architecture attractions, excellent food, reputable music and great arts and literature works, not to mention the Havana Club rum and the Cuban cigars.

The hotel industry

There are numerous attractive hotels opened already in Cuba by European and South American businesses. It is expected that U.S. hotel companies like Hilton, Marriott or Starwood to also open hotels in Havana and other cities. Our Cuban lawyers  can provide more details on the business opportunities available in the hotel sector in Cuba.


It is expected for U.S. carriers serving the Caribbean region to also come to Havana and other Cuban locations. Airlines such as Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways and American Airlines are likely to enter the Cuban aviation market. 


Our Cuban lawyers assess that a major business opportunity for an U.S. investor in Cuba is to assemble cars. Cuba maintains a close relationship with Venezuela which implies a stable supply of gasoline, even in times when the relationship with Russia was interrupted.



Cuba has long been a great producer of tobacco and sugar crops. An attractive business opportunity for U.S. agricultural investors in Cuba is agriculture. Companies which intend to grow fruits and other types of products are likely to be interested to open businesses here.

Quick overview on Cuba

Besides the improved relationship with the U.S. which will open the way for more business opportunities, Cuba presents certain advantages for U.S. investors, such as:

•    educated and healthy workforce;
•    an increasing economy;
•    low level of public debt.

If you have made the decision of starting a business in this country, please contact our law firm in Cuba for assistance and legal counselling.