Company Liquidation in Cuba

Company Liquidation in Cuba image July 6, 2016

When a business is not able to continue its activities, a company liquidation procedure in Cuba must be initiated.

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Trademark Registration in Cuba

Trademark Registration in Cuba image June 17, 2016

Foreign investors who want to protect their trademark in Cuba are advised to register it with the appropriate authority in this country.

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Arbitration in Cuba

Arbitration in Cuba image June 10, 2016

International arbitration in Cuba represents the fundamental method of resolving disputes in this country in regards to contractual liability, with the exception of mandatory jurisdiction as stated by the law.

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Branch vs. Subsidiary in Cuba

Branch vs. Subsidiary in Cuba image June 2, 2016

According to the Law No. 118, foreign investors can settle inside the Cuban national territory as legal entities by opening a Cuban subsidiary office of a foreign company and by setting up a branch of a foreign business.

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Real Estate Due Diligence in Cuba

Real Estate Due Diligence in Cuba image June 2, 2016

When making a real estate due diligence in Cuba, it is important to know that until a few years ago, it was not possible for either Cuban citizens or foreigners to acquire and sell property in Cuba.

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Corporate Tax in Cuba

Corporate Tax in Cuba image May 27, 2016

The corporate tax rules for foreign investment business entities in Cuba are regulated by the Law 118 (the Foreign Investment Act) of 2014.

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Establish a Company in Cuba

Establish a Company in Cuba image May 16, 2016

We are a team of Cuban attorneys who advise on the process of establishing companies in Cuba, which, according to the latest legislation in this country, can be achieved as stated below.

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Debt Collection in Cuba

Debt Collection in Cuba image May 16, 2016

Debt collection in Cuba is a measured attempt by a firm to collect an obligation which is past due.

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Litigation Attorneys in Cuba

Litigation Attorneys in Cuba image May 11, 2016

Litigation attorneys represent clients in civil cases, managing all stages of the litigation process - starting with the investigation, continuing with the pleadings, trials, settlements and appeal.

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Company Types in Cuba

Company Types in Cuba image May 7, 2016

Foreign investments in Cuba are regulated by the Foreign Investment Act from 2014.

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